We are a non-profit organization, following the New Testament model of generosity to encourage as Paul did: “shoulder to shoulder with them all the way, your surplus matching their deficit, their surplus matching your deficit.” Join us to help make a difference in Zambia, feeding those currently living in deficit. All the while, receiving from THEIR surplus…

Meet Some of the Team

Isaac Mbulo

Isaac is our Shoulder 2 Shoulder In-Country Coordinator – none of this would be possible without Isaac’s help! Aside from being an integral part of the team here, Isaac is also very involved in his church, Chongwe Central Baptist. He has served as a Sunday School teacher, Youth Treasurer, & Vice Sports Coach in the past, and is currently the church’s Song Writer & Worship leader. Isaac’s mission in life is to show love and give hope to the hopeless, through reaching out to the needy.

Biswell T Ng’uni

Biswell T Ng’uni lives in Lusaka, Zambia with his wife (pictured here). He is involved in the House of Refuge Ministry of All Nations. Their mission is to reach out to the needy with love and to rebuild houses in need of repair. Their vision is to reach out to every race and every nation with the love of God.

Pastor Jackson Lungo

Jackson Lungo is the pastor of Mchaca Baptist Church in Chipata City, Kasenengwa District. His church serves the surrounding 5 villages of Mtwalo, Chimunya, Luvila, Mchaca, & Maposa.

Pastor Moses Banda

Moses Banda is the pastor at Simambwe Baptist Church in Chilunda Village, Kelindawalo Petauke District. He is originally from the Eastern Province of Zambia, which is where his ministry is focused. He is pictured here with his wife and children.

Josh Lundumuna

Josh Lundumuna lives in North Western Solwezi, Zambia, with his wife and children (pictured here). He attends the Solwezi Central Baptist Convention Church of Zambia, and is the Building Secretary / District Youth Secretary at the church.